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Membership Application

PHILEXPORT offers three types of membership to provide support and benefits for export-oriented companies and organizations:

  • Provisional Membership
  • Regular Membership
  • Associate Membership
Find out which membership type is for you:
Membership Type
Business Type
  • Registered producer / manufacturer / sub-contractor / supplier
  • In operation for less than one (1) year
  • Registered exporter of goods and/or services
  • In operation for at least one (1) year
  • Indirect exporters and service providers that help support the Philippine export industry. These include companies providing financing, shipping, freight, insurance, brokerage, product packaging, airline and hospitality, printing services as well as chambers of commerce, trade associations and foreign buyers.
  • In operation for at least one (1) year
Fees and Eligibility
  • One-time Entrance Fee: P700.00
  • Annual fee: P2,000.00
  • Sponsored by a member of the Board of Trustee
  • No serious derogatory information supplied by reliable sources
Required Documents
  • Accomplished membership application form
  • Accomplished Signature Card
  • Photocopy of the following:
  • -  For Corporation - SEC Articles of Incorporation, Bu-Laws and General Information Sheet
    -  For Partnership - Articles of Partnership
    -  For Single Proprietorship - Certification of Registration Form from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Board of Investment (BOI)
  • BIR 2303 Form
  • Mayor's Permit
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement or Interim Balance Sheet
  • Photos of Products or Brochure of Services
  • One (1) 2"X2" colored picture of authorized representative/ owner
  • Location Map

If you are a Philippine exporter looking to break into new markets or to expand your traditional markets - PHILEXPORT may be your key partner.