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 PHILEXPORT Events and Activities

PHILEXPORT Board of Trustees 2018-2019

Newly-elected PHILEXPORT Board of Trustees members Mina T. Gabor, Trustee for the Tourism sector and formerly Secretary of the Department of Tourism), and Apolinar E. Aure, Trustee for the Housewares sector, during their oathtaking last April 17, 2018 at Midas Hotel and Casino, Pasay City. Officiating is PHILEXPORT Chairman and one of the Trustees for the Associate sector, Paterno H. Dizon.


If you are a Philippine exporter looking to break into new markets or to expand your traditional markets - PHILEXPORT may be your key partner.

Congratulations for the innovative live streaming services that you are implementing. Thank you for taking into consideration our realities in the regions. More power to all your efforts to better serve your members:

Sr. Erlinda Garaci, SSJ, Mother Bonifacia Rodriguez Foundation, Inc., PHILEXPORT Region 4