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Enhancing the Transparency of Global Trade and Market Access Avail of ITC's Market Analysis Tools for Free!

  1. Recent trade statistics are available in Trade Map for more than 100 countries.
  2. An updated version of Market Access Map now offers its users new datasets, including non-tariff measures, historic tariff and trade data, as well as new analytical functionalities.
  3. Investment Map introduced a new Selection Menu for direct access to the FDI country and sector breakdowns.
  4. Standards Map has delivered a new analysis module containing over 80 pre-set queries, re-designed At-a-glance summaries, and the last in a series of four literature reviews on the impacts of private standards.



If you are a Philippine exporter looking to break into new markets or to expand your traditional markets - PHILEXPORT may be your key partner.

Congratulations for the innovative live streaming services that you are implementing. Thank you for taking into consideration our realities in the regions. More power to all your efforts to better serve your members:

Sr. Erlinda Garaci, SSJ, Mother Bonifacia Rodriguez Foundation, Inc., PHILEXPORT Region 4