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Policy Advocacy
Export Laws and Policies
Export Laws and Policies
Agri Agra
- On the Agri-Agra Reform Credit Act
Barangay Micro Business Enterprises(BMBEs)
- On RA 9178 BMBEs
BOI Guidelines
- On the Issuance of Certification under RMO 9-2000
Customs Brokers Act
- On RA 7651 Customs Brokers Act
- On RA 8792 E-commerce
Export Development Act(EDA)
- On RA 7844 EDA
Magna Carta for MSMEs
- On RA 9501 Magna Carta for MSMEs
Revenue Regulation
- Amended copy of Value-Added Tax Regulations
Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN)
- RA 10963

Trade Regulations and requirements
Import Regulations
- Online information about exporting to Europe
Import Regulations
- Online information about exporting to USA

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