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Policy Advocacy
Legislative Advocacy

Customs Modernization and Tariff Act

RA 10863 - CMTA

Competition Policy 

RA 10667 - Competition Act
RA 10667 - Competition Act IRR

Amendment to the Bangko Sentral Act

Senate Bill No. 1027 - Escudero
Senate Bill No. 16 - Drilon
Senate Bill No. 859 - Recto
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Fiscal Incentives Act

Senate Bill No. 1483 - Recto and Gatchalian
Senate Bill No. 229 - Drilon
Senate Bill No. 798 - Recto
Senate Bill No.  837 - Recto
House Bill No. 231 - Singson 
House Bill No. 2355 - Arroyo 
House Bill No. 3359 - Garin

Philippine Trade Representative Office

Senate Bill No.335 - Aquino IV
Senate Bill No.632 - Trillanes IV
Senate Bill No.685 - Aquino IV
House Bill No. 1699 - K. Nograles and J. Nograles


RA 10668 - Coloading Act
RA 10668 - Coloading Act IRR

Credit Surety Fund 

RA 10744 - Credit Surety Fund Act

National Land Use Act 

Committee Report No. 167

National Single Window 

House Bill No. 5105 - Biazon

Magna Carta for MSMEs

Senate Bill No.820 - Recto
House Bill No. 4498 - Rodriguez Jr.

Energy Efficiency

Senate Bill No. 30 - Legarda
House Bill No. 1220 - Umali 
House Bill No. 182 - Olivarez 
House Bill No. 2388 - Abad
House Bill No. 5697 - Olivarez 





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