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  • Employers, trade unions agree to strengthen bipartism, industrial harmony in PH
  • Higher minimum wages lower employment opportunities of disadvantaged people
  • Need to establish authorized representatives for industrial products in EU amid Brexit
  • BOC issues rules implementing PH-EFTA free trade agreement
  • ECOP raises issues in security of tenure bill
  • IRR of PH strategic goods law requires registration of LSPs
  • ICTSI begins berth expansion works at MICT this month
  • CDAP warns of depot space shortage
  • North Port cranage fees 10% higher by mid-Oct
  • Customs chief lists down achievements in first yeart
  • Filipinnovation council eyed to improve PH innovation, entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Eco-friendly packaging for food on the go urged
  • Aggressive land and rail transport modernization pushed
  • Solons seek grant of bereavement leave to workers in mourning
  • Gov’t expands financing for MSMEs
  • Demand for health and wellness packaged food, beverages in Australia rising
  • First Circle makes Php1.5B available to SMEs
  • Report: port inefficiency continues to inflate shipping costs, erode PH competitiveness
  • WB sees PH GDP growing 6.5% in 2018, 6.7% in 2019







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